torsdag 30. august 2012

Norway – Lofoten

Beach at Ramberg, LofotenMidnight sun at NappTrees at Haugsheia, LofotenBeach at Ramberg, LofotenHamnøy, LofotenNusfjord, Lofoten
Nusfjord, LofotenNusfjord, LofotenFish crate stencils, Nusfjord, LofotenSailing in the midnight sun outside Stamsund, LofotenThe Mushroom GirlFlowers in midnight sun
Midnight sun at Napp, LofotenMidnight sun at Napp, LofotenHouse at Undstad, LofotenBeach at Undstad, LofotenBeach at Undstad, LofotenOystercatcher at Flakstad, Lofoten
Tern over Flakstad, LofotenSkagenstranda on Flakstad, LofotenSkagenstranda on Flakstad, LofotenHauklandstrand on Vestvågøy, LofotenSheeps at Hauklandstrand, LofotenHauklandstrand on Vestvågøy, Lofoten

Norway – Lofoten, a set on Flickr.

Visit Norway tagged a lot of my Lofoten pictures as Favourits :-D

søndag 19. august 2012

The Garden in Oslo

Peony BudSummer FlowerSmall Tortoiseshell on Butterfly bushClematisIrisIris
Garden PhloxWhite lilyBumble bee on Globe thistleGarden PhloxScarlet MonardaBlack Iris
Rose FilamentsChive flowerBearded IrisGarden WeedChive budsEuropean Columbine
Dandelion seed headAphids on roseAnts on Peony budFlowering Pear treeJapanese barberry flowersSpiraea ‘Grefsheim’

The Garden in Oslo, a set on Flickr.

Added some new images from the garden.

Via Flickr:
Flora and fauna in our garden in Oslo, Norway. Trying to document all the different plants in our garden.

fredag 17. august 2012


Pictorialism is the name given to an international style and aesthetic movement that dominated photography during the later 19th and early 20th centuries. There is no standard definition of the term, but in general it refers to a style in which the photographer has somehow manipulated what would otherwise be a straightforward photograph as a means of "creating" an image rather than simply recording it. Typically, a pictorial photograph appears to lack a sharp focus (some more so than others), is printed in one or more colors other than black-and-white (ranging from warm brown to deep blue) and may have visible brush strokes or other manipulation of the surface. For the pictorialist, a photograph, like a painting, drawing or engraving, was a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer's realm of imagination. (Source: Wikipedia/Daum)