onsdag 25. april 2012

Lofoten - Eggum

EggumHouse at Eggum, LofotenHouse at Eggum, LofotenFlowers at Eggum, LofotenEggumEggum
Lighthouse at Eggum, LofotenHouse at Eggum, LofotenLighthouse at Eggum, LofotenEggumBoat at Eggum, LofotenRocky Beach in Lofoten
The "Fortress" at Eggum, LofotenBeach at Eggum, LofotenLighthouse at Eggum, LofotenLighthouse at EggumWalking to the beachLighthouse & Boat at Eggum
Beach & Boat at EggumBeach in midnight sun at EggumThe "Head" at Eggum, LofotenThe Head at Eggum

Lofoten - Eggum, a set on Flickr.
Organized some old and added some new images into this new set.

mandag 23. april 2012

Reflecting trees at dusk

Reflecting trees at dusk by aslakt
Reflecting trees at dusk, a photo by aslakt on Flickr.
My first contribution to DPS weekly assignment. Taken at Østensjøvannet a nature reserve close to home.

lørdag 21. april 2012

Cambodia – Angkor Thom

Victory Gate IVThe Royal SquareThe Elephant Terrace IThe Elephant Terrace IITerrace of the Leper King ITerrace of the Leper King II
Terrace of the Leper King IIIAngkor Thom IAngkor Thom IIAngkor Thom IIIPhimeanakas IPhimeanakas II
Angkor Thom IVAngkor Thom VTerrace of the Leper King IVTerrace of the Leper King VVictory Gate IVictory Gate II
Victory Gate IIIVictory Gate V

Cambodia – Angkor Thom, a set on Flickr.
Another set from flickr, this time from Angkor Thom – with the Elephant terrace, Terrace of the leper king, Phimeanakas and the Victory Gate.

fredag 20. april 2012

Cambodia – Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm VIITa Prohm ITa Prohm IITa Prohm IIITa Prohm IVTa Prohm V
Ta Prohm VITa Prohm VIIITa Prohm IXTa Prohm XTa Prohm XITa Prohm XII
Ta Prohm XIIITa Prohm XIVTa Prohm XVTa Prohm XVITa Prohm XVIITa Prohm XVIII
Ta Prohm XIXTa Prohm XXTa Prohm XXITa Prohm XXIITa Prohm XXIII

Cambodia – Ta Prohm, a set on Flickr.
A set of photos from Ta Phrom. Unrestored and deliberately left to the elements.